b. tricep leg extension

Tricep with leg extension exercise is a level 2 (difficulty rating) is an outdoor training set that you can complete anywhere that has a risen set or bench.

I suggest adding it into your run/ walk weekly regime. I have found it to reshape my arms and further align my body. This exercise focuses on your abs, butt, legs, triceps and shoulders therefore being a total body combination exercise.


  • Set yourself up in the tricep dip position on a risen step or bench
  • Complete two normal dips
  • On the third dip raise one leg
  • Then compete 9 more dips with leg raised
  • Focus on your core and point your toe for a stronger exercise.
  • Swap legs and complete combination on the opposite leg.

ADD this exercise to your b. burpee bounce and b. abdominal burner to create an intense once a week combination workout.

b. is wearing:

Lorna Jane crop top


Running Bare shorties


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