Raw and Real – the Ultimate Spring Program for 2022

The NEW ebook ‘Raw and Real’ is here 

I am very excited to have completed the ultimate food and fitness guide for you and the all the family. IT is NOT a diet.

It is a simple and effective program that any body can start.


The program begins in the mind. How to reboot those habits. The pandemic was targeted towards creating a sedentary life. It was marketed and pushed advertised toward enforcing this slow sluggish direction. You can be forgiven for taking the path. It’s not your fault if you are unmotivated. You have simply consumed the new routine. Your body was just creating the effects that was sent to you -that was pushed upon you. But we can reverse it. We can remove that sluggish unmotivated feeling. We can simply admit it and flow forward. Let’s create new habits. 

All we need to do is these 5 things daily.  These 1% re-patterns. 

  1. Cook at home (no takeaway) it’s better for your budget, it’s better for your body as you know what is in the food. 
  2. Awareness of sugar intake, in food and in alcohol. 
  3. Eat more real plants foods( not plant packages) just plants
  4. Walk morning and evening. Take the kids on one of them. 
  5. 3  sets of 5 burpees per day. 

I encourage you in the program to eat raw and real whole grown foods is the magic elixir to our bodies performance level.  These earth-grown foods promote internal health from digestion to blood boosting components. I encourage you to eat raw vegetables daily.  Increase your consumption by adding vegetables to every meal including breakfast. *Add spinach to eggs,  add raw carrots as snacks, eat baby cucumbers, eat cauliflower raw with dips, eat salad sandwich and add vegetables to every dinner. 

RAW Food is more than calories, its information that our cells need to function. It is the information that our metabolism can use to either run efficiently or sluggish.When we eat a piece of sugar, fruit juice or refined carb, it goes right to the liver, where it starts manufacturing fat, triggering insulin resistance and causing chronically elevated blood insulin levels, driving the body to store everything including fat.Real foods like vegetables low glycemic fruits, health fats (nut seeds avocado and olives) gluten free whole grains, legumes and responsibility sourced proteins and seafood-  the foods) these give your cells the information they need to function at their very best. Eating well should be only about just quantity but more imperative with quality..

The REAL is the fitness element of using your own body to ignite the fitness flow. The b.bodyboost was a fabulous guide but I have improved on it in the RAW and REAL with bonus exercise. Let’s get our bodies back to their primal state and reset it’s vigour and mobility.

Grab your copy here – RAWand REAL – ONLY $19.95 downloaded to your device now.