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Well it’s finally here after 8 months of writing and preparations ‘Fit Mama’ is on pre-order.

I wrote this book for all you Mamas trying so hard; for the Mamas who want more from themselves to help their family. For Mamas who are time poor and need the truth of how to really get their best body after kids. It will help you and your whole family as I share all my secret tricks. Introducing FitMama™️ by Belinda Norton.

This book ticks all the boxes with recipes, fitness, mental wellness tips, and it written with the positivity that I live.  It is possible as I know where you are starting and where you want to be. I was there too! So let me help you.

On a personally note, I always wondered what this one would feel like… the day the first copy arrives of the book that I have truly wanted to bring to you all for so long.

I began writing FitMama™️ last year in April – in a time where I thought it was almost impossible. After a huge 2016 of endings and single Mum beginnings. It was time to reconfigure this life.  I had been – teaching; running my online business and writing; I was amid selling my finished renovated home; my Mum had a heart attack.  In a rush I sold my hoe and moved to Brisbane to help my family.  I bought a new home and moved the kids from school and took a new teaching job to be closer to family.  To be honest my life a blur.

However I love a challenge and this one was perfectly timed. I had just complied a new b.program set for busy women with at home fitness with it’s time efficient training and the addition of mental helpers all complete with how to do healthy quick food for the family all whilst living life well. I am now sharing it with you! This beautifully complied FitMama™️ book – I want you to ‘go get with both hands’ and live this energised life too!


FitMama™️ has arrived for Pre-Order!

Available for pre-sale AUSTRALIA now at Booktopia – click link


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Health and Happiness,