b. lime chilli chicken and salad

This recipe is my mid week go to or when everything is just too busy. It is fresh, light, nutritious, totally clean eating and can be (dairy free) by simply changing the yogurt dressing.  Hope you add it to your weekly dinner or lunch list!

b. lime and chilli chicken and quinoa, chia, corn salad with spiced yogurt


chicken thighs sliced

chili oil

fresh whole lime

rice bran oil

  1. Prepared sliced chicken thighs, rubbed in chill oil and squeeze lime and allow to marinate for 5 mins
  2. Place rice bran oil in hot fry pan and brown the chicken.
  3. Allow chicken to cool a little before adding to salad.


quinoa cooked with chia seeds (‘Sunrice’ do a microwave version)

corn cob (pre cooked) – cut kernels off


spinach leaves



natural greek yogurt + cumin + salt + pepper

  1. Layer spinach leaves (washed and cut), cucumber, quinoa/chia, tomatoes, and corn across the plate.
  2. Add a generous drizzle of the yogurt dressing.




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