2023 Life Improvers

Takes these with you into 2023 to improve life.

  1. Become a smile sleaze. Look up and smile at everyone you see. Connect. Look up to yourself. Believe that you are capable of anything you set your mind too. All too often I hear people stuck on a repeat of their inabilities. Did you know if you repeat aloud your abilities daily then it becomes a mind habit. This mindset flip is the first step is acknowledging you are worthy to be looked up too. Go on look up to you. Eyes up, back aligned, shoulders back, deep breathe and tell yourself I believe in you. You are everything you need right now.
  2. Plan a routine with the family around important things, like family food, family fitness, family mindfulness.
  3. Make these routines into a habit. Ensure these routines are added to your daily cycle. Then repeat them. 
  4. Repetition is everything.If you want to get good at something is must be repeated over and over and over. Practice makes progress. If you want to get better at something is must be practice it over and over and over. Using all facets of our brain and body by developing all skills (fine & gross motor skills, fundamental functions) will produce intelligence, body alignment and overall mental and physical health. Then practice these daily.
  5. Give eye contact and speak with an articulated mouth. We humans have become lazy with language due to using technology rather than our own mouth, fingers, hands and whole brains. Eye contact is key to feeling of confidence and gives value to self and others.

6. Eat more whole fruits and vegetables and chew food slowly. Eat whole carrots and cucumbers daily.  Eat these three daily. Get the kids to eat these daily. Every human being should eat these whole daily. Wash and eat. Don’t cut them up into small pieces. Open your mouth, stretch your jaw and eat whole. Whole organic earth grown foods supply our body with the nutrients and minerals that no other products can do. They are inexpensive, they also induce chewing meaning the jaw is exercised helping our children to open their mouth and articulate words. The are portable and should be at 2023 Body habit.They are perfectly portioned to nourish and maintain energy. Eat real grown plant food from the Australian soil as they provide nutrients and minerals required by our body. The fibre in carrots keep blood sugar levels under control. And they’re loaded with vitamin A and beta-carotene,  as evidence states can lower your diabetes risk. They can strengthen your bones as Carrots are calcium loaded with vitamin K, both important for bone health. Eating cucumbers hydrate the body and lead to health benefits, including weight loss, balanced hydration, digestive regularity and lower blood sugar levels. Go on grab a bag of carrots and some cucumbers. Munch munch. These are the perfect snacks.


Health and Happiness to you for 2023,  b.x