5 Easy Tips to Avoid the Struggle of Winter Weight Gain

5 Easy Tips to Avoid the Struggle of Winter Weight Gain


Let me start by saying ‘no one’ is immune to this struggle – including me.  We all have worked hard over the summer and then suddenly we hit a crave time hell of warm foods, luscious desserts, over-eating and more indulgence’s than our bodies require.

Never fear I have a 5 b.tips on how to save you from the Winter body blow out.



  1. Portion Sizes

The key to maintaining our best body is to eat the correct amount of food for energy intake vs energy output.

Our best measuring tool is our two hands in a fist – this is an approximate to our actual stomach size (for all ages – babies and children inclusive). Our body responds best to eating this sized meal; 6 times a day to maintain high energy which results in a stable metabolism.

Avoid buffet style eating; eg. especially at dinnertime rather than placing enormous amounts of food on the table in bowls etc –  plate up the exact amount and put the rest aside.

b.truth: I personally put all extras away in meal sized containers immediately – not only does it help as they are ready for anytime but it also helps me to avoid the pre pick at food and post pick at food.


  1. Drink Warm Water

During the winter it is evident that we are cold and we are trying to warm up with food and other enticing delights – which may include extra coffees/ warm desserts or extra food.

Rather have a mug of warm water as you eat; not only is it hydrating but it helps to remind your body that you are warm and it tricks your mind into believing your are eating and satisfying those craves with water.

b.truth: I will have a warm mug of water and a cold glass of water at all meal times with my meal. It truly retrains your brain and reduces the over-eating need.


  1. Don’t Snack While Cooking

One to the most common Mum things to do is snack and pick while cooking. For example: We will take a bite of the carrot; last piece of grated cheese or eat some rice crackers the kids leftover or any other thing that may be wasted food.

Stop yourself this is not dinner yet. Ensure you have had an afternoon snack this is not part of your meal time and your body needs it full intake in only 15 minutes. Remind your mind that it can wait.


  1. Sugar intake

The hidden sugar intake of protein balls and dried fruit type snacks. I love protein balls as you are aware and I make them often. However, protein or any health balls are made on dried fruit, dates, apricots, strawberries etc are fully loaded with sugar and a lot. They are certainly a healthy snack options but be aware of your sugar intake with these alternatives.

b.truth: rather snack on: almonds, two rice cakes with banana and peanut butter – it is satisfying and also contains less sugar than dried fruits.


  1. Speed up the training

Winter weather makes us feel tired and lethargic and we tend to find more excuses why we can’t train.

Set yourself 45 minutes and that is it. Either go to a gym or put on loud music at home. You need no more time than this to complete a speed circuit session that will burn and reinvigorate tired muscles.

It will ensure you stay aligned during the winter by helping to alleviate those tense body positions. Finish with a steamy shower to release all body tension and your skin and muscles will feel energized and bright.


b.truth: I struggle in winter also finding time when it is darker earlier also tricky. I will go to the gym as the lights are bright and music is motivating plus other people are there in the same mind set. I set myself only 45 minutes to complete the b.bodyboost workout. It takes away the stress from the day and releases my tense neck and shoulder muscles from being cold all day. I will stretch in the steam room and this helps my pores to open and skin to become refreshed.


Health and Happiness always,


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