Fruit improves your child’s spelling abilities.

Whole fruits and vegetables enhance children’s spelling abilities by exercising their jaw and mouth muscles.

Fruits and vegetables have always been known to enhance our bodies health and brain development. Also by eating whole fruits and vegetables it enhances the development of our mouth and jaw muscles to enhance pronunciations of words thus giving our brains a better understanding of spelling.

There is direct relation to the way our mouth moves in creating words, sounding them out and articulation as how our brain develops to memorises and learn spelling, reading and writing.


How do whole fruit and vegetables do this?

‘Our mouth and jaw muscle need to be strong and exercised regularly otherwise we become lazy with our language and articulation. Children already are not looking at faces and parents are not as often speaking to and looking at children whilst speaking due to our social changes.

Our eyes see how the mouth muscles are manipulated to create the words. However, children mouths are not moving as actively as usual with the loss in communication levels, the loss in looking at peoples faces and also with our food.  We are eating smaller pieces of food, smooth or liquefied. We are not chewing as much and these foods that we used to eat helped to keep our jaw and mouth active. Thus, researchers are finding are we are not developing those integral mouth and jaw muscles like we used too.

How do we change it?

We need to eat whole foods more often, chewing and taking our time with the chewing process, imaging it to be like taking the mouth for a walk.

Having whole foods like biting into whole apples or carrots, helps the mouth to open and close.  This will ensure a strong mouth and jaw to pronounce words and removing the lazy speech tendencies.

Five tips to enhance your child’s speech language:


  • EAT whole fruit pieces at least 3 times a week.
  • LOOK at children when speaking.
  • CORRECT them when word are pronounced incorrectly and re-pronounce them and ensure they are looking at your mouth.
  • SOUND out spelling words and read signs and general details of information often.
  • ENSURE children are looking at your mouth when learning spelling and articulating words.


‘Our food and children’s overall health development is changing rapidly let’s together change our children’s future’ b.x


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