b.banana bread or cake (it’s a generation thing)

It is our most loved and asked for delight and often made on a Sunday afternoon while we finally sit and rest.  We take it to Burleigh Hill on on our picnics and it’s even more luscious for an afternoon tea party.  Try my b.banana bread or cake depending on what era or generation your are from as soon as you can!

b.banana bread



5 ripe bananas mashed 

1 egg 

1 + 3/4 cup almond meal 

2 tablespoon cinnamon 

2 tablespoon coconut oil






Shredded coconut 

Rice bean syrup drizzle 




  1. Preheat oven to moderate temperature.
  2. Mash banana with 1 egg combine with fork in a bowl.
  3. Combine almond meal and cinnamon 
  4. Gently fold both banana mix & almond mix 
  5. Add oil 
  6. Combine evenly 
  7. Place in lined loaf tray 
  8. Top with almonds, pecans, sesame 
  9. Place in oven for 30 mins until top is dark brown 
  10. Remove and allow 15mins time to set 
  11. Drizzle rice bran syrup 
  12. Serve with yogurt 

Health and Happiness always,


This recipe has been included by Twinkl among their top picks for 7+ Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Vegetarian October.

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