b.Caramel Nutty Latte Smoothie

This b.Caramel Nutty Latte Smoothie is too good to believe. The ultimate dessert or anytime is just for you and maybe for your bestie. Bonus is – it’s high in protein, with a bit of a zippy caffeine rush and dairy-free.

b.Caramel Nutty Latte Smoothie

1 cup of cut Frozen banana
1 scoop of Protein
H2coco Espresso coconut water or use coconut water and add a shot of fresh espresso.
1 teaspoon of Rice Bran Syrup
1 cup of Almond milk
Flaked Almonds
Crushed peanuts


  1. Blend frozen banana, almond milk, scoop of protein and syrup.
  2.  First step place in the jar H2coco Espresso OR alternatively create it by H2coco coconut water and shot of espresso.
  3. Then pour the blended protein banana thick smoothie into jar.
  4. Drizzle rice bran syrup and sprinkle almonds and crushed peanuts.
  5. It’s ready to enjoy!

Health and Happiness always,




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