Raw and Real Transformation

The fact is this is not a transformation photo of physical characteristics even though I know it will be judged as before and after. (Cue – hate mail; cue fat is fabulous) but thank you to those who comment who seek to understand and can be open to all differences. Maturity it truly is a wonderful place to see others from.

This is a photo of confidence characteristics of internal health, posture and mental wellness because I cannot cut myself open so you can see the truth. If I could – I would. 

I would share the absolute fear I had of personal success, the shame I held for giving up; I would share my mum guilt and hurt, I would share my traditional upbringing that we 70’s women had to quickly adapt to in a new world of thinking. I would share my personal uncertainty of how I could fit in a life around two kids and working full time as I had no other option to work. I would share my fear of my husband cheating again, I would share my internal fight. But could it be seen? No  – because we hide that good stuff deep inside. We don’t want to share that. So here goes … 

27 years old vs 43 years old – What has changed a lot! A lot in the society, a lot in relationships, a lot in media and a lot in me. The most important change is my confidence in my body and mind was getting up every day happy, energised, vibrant, going to the bathroom daily (to do number two) regularly and my mobility (zero pain from back/hip/knee or skin issues from eczema) The biggest change was my posture.

It was ONLY five things I changed: 

  1. 30 minutes morning walk sometimes run (dependant on hormones and pelvic floor capacity) every day. It gives a huge energy boost. 
  2. Eat only quality food; no preservatives – think nourishment of my blood – what fuels that perfectly. 
  3. Weighted speed alignment training sets – 4 sessions weekly – b.bodyboost ebook
  4. Thinking about posture and alignment in everyday tasks
  5. Positive thoughts only about my ability and switching my mindset. 

Use these MIND SET steps to get a FIT MIND:

1. Allow your mindset to be reset. 

2. Dedicate to being healthy every single day; doing the best for your body. No cheats no easy pathway. 

3. Persevere don’t stop, don’t dwell on the past, don’t let others interfere with your drive. Yes you have to work everyday, study or look after the kids. Yes you have to ‘live’ too but don’t let the excuse of ‘yolo’ make you fill your body with poison. Acceptance and step forward because you can do it. 

I know how it feels. I understand you. I’ve experienced it and because of that I’ve found every detail and I want to share. I’ve been there and found the right way back. The only thing different about me from then to now is: my health and happiness. Yes, I’ve got blonder hair; yes I am standing strong; yes I lost some kilograms and reshape my body. 

But the key fact is: I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been- from the inside out. Why? because I chose to find my best health in the right food for me and the right fitness. It is not magic,  it is not photoshop,  it just me b. raw real  and blissfully happy.

Stop your mind poison (negative inner voice), stop your food consumption being poison and stop the excuses. Get healthy and happy for you; for your kids and for a better life. ‘You only live once’  needs to be a new meaning YOUR ONLY LIVING OPTIMALLY (YOLO) from today on.

Health and Happiness


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  1. Im 53, flab from fat and too unfit to do my fav outing – hiking in nature.

    I hate cooking or prepping/fussing over food and will opt for a fruit ir a smoorhie. Is there hope?

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