The Gym traps I fell into that maybe hindering your weight loss too.

The gym traps I fell into that maybe hindering your weight loss too. 

After years of going to the gym we tend to fall into bad habits. This is by doing the same thing over and over and our body simply gets used to it.  Mixing up the sessions will ensure your body continues to progress.  When we use progression sessions or progressive overload training (meaning adding extra or using the ladder training system) we are going to get the best from our body for longer.  As they say ‘keep the body guessing!’.

Also over time we form other types of bad gym habits that we are unaware we have been doing. I personally fell into these gym traps.  I was trying to fit in work while I was warming up by being on the phone this simple habit affected my session immensely and I was losing the quality in my sessions.  I had switched my mind off and this also means my muscles  too.  This simple thought of being in the moment and thinking of your muscles moving and breathing makes a dramatic difference to weight loss goals.  The key is to stay focussed on your movements ensuring your are working at your full capacity after all you made the effort to get there now get going!

12 Gym Traps hindering your Weight loss Goals

  1. Avoid using your phone on treadmill – Ensure you use your arms.  b.truth: As I tried to fit in as much as I could I would do emails – Focus on the whole body movement, think about the breathe in and out and the speed in your step. When we are unfocused in training it makes the warm up for the session less productive. 
  2. Get puffing on the bike -Add music and again off the phone or put down that book or magazine down and focus. b.truth:I actually wrote this blog post on the bike while looking around the gym opps!!.
  3. Too much rest between weights set – Avoid the phone scroll, are you laughing because you do it? b.truth: I see this all the time.. do you do it? Laying on the mat or sitting in a machine? Avoid getting your phone out and get the session done with quality and less rest. 
  4. Too slow in body movements – we women require speed to lose weight. Get moving faster even in your deadlifts. Heart rate up! 
  5. Too heavy in weights meaning too slow and creating too much bulk (unless you want this)
  6. Dropping weights to ground rather place them down gently forcing your muscles to be ON for longer. 
  7. Bring a drink bottle and sip as you train rather than wasting time on ‘peacocking’ also known as the drink tap walk and perve… I bet you’ve seen that. 
  8. Clean up and put the weights or workout equipment away – it’s another part of your workout lift it and place it in the racks. 
  9. Too long on any gym weights machine no longer than 10 minutes is required then swap machine plus it’s good gym manners.
  10. Not warming up properly 20 minutes minimum cardio warm up on any machine treadmill, stepper, bike, air walker as the 10minutes slow walk  will not warm you up properly or energise your muscles. Add speed and incline to get moving!
  11. Avoid the ‘what’s for dinner?’ question to friends until the the end of session or while stretching.  When we starting thinking about food in the middle of a session it hinders our energy and performance level. It starts the body fueling thought process and this is counterproductive to training. Notice when you start thinking about food it either makes you feel sick or hungry.  This is not what you need in the middle of a session. This type of questioning is banned in the b.crew sessions.  Even the talk on b.banana bread. 
  12. Avoid starting long gossip session in middle of session wait until stretch time if you can help it. Get the session done and use the steam room for the gossip.

Try these tips next time and let me know how you go!

Health and Happiness always,