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As we adjust to our new role as parent and teacher for these coming weeks or months I thought a daily plan for home schooling would help in finding a new happy household habit.

Home schooling is different to normal school for obvious reasons however it can be very successful if a habit is created early.

As schools have not closed yet; we have time to make these changes and transition smoothly to help our kids adjust and also trying not to lose our minds as parents.


The number one thing is factor is parent mood and stress level, we are trying to teach in a stressful mood it hurts and helps no one. If this is the case – Don’t do it!

Try to remain calm and patient and choose the time to help when a light and happy mood can be felt for all. This is the most successful way to get children and students to listen.  It needs to be fun for all.  The best way to create this headspace is being organised and the child or student feeling secure in the learning process.

The best way to show this is by using a daily plan just like students are used to at school. We as teachers write it up every day to help with time management; behaviour management; emotional wellbeing.  It shows order; organisation and direction something we all look for in a success environment.  Below I have written two forms of Daily Plan :

  • Print it out and place in a visible area in the home.
  • Discuss the plan with your students.
  • Create a work and study place in the home.
  • Add and to adjust daily for your student to achieve in these coming weeks.

Daily plan for high school age

Daily plan for primary age

Wishing you good luck and if you need help don’t hesitate in contacting me or your teacher.

Health and Happiness,


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