Oh there you are…I’ve been looking for YOU!

Sometimes we think we need to hide our true self because

  • fear of ridicule
  • intimidation
  • scared to be YOU 100% truth and all
  • scared to share your opinion
  • scared to stand out

Why should you be scared to be you? Well you shouldn’t !!

In the last few years I have grown to believe in myself -imperfections and all.

We all have a great story to tell – share it so others can learn too from your mistakes or your success.

As a teacher of young people their favourite stories are true stories of trials and tribulations – fear conquering stories and stories that end bad because it is REAL!

Being REAL is the most important part of being you.

So today or tonight – show the real you to everyone and if they don’t like it – thats ok too.  Not everybody likes everyone but having appreciation for others is the most important part of being a kind human