b. trifle

This recipe has been handed down from my Grandma to my Dad and now me.

I have made this since I was allowed to cook in the kitchen. It is easy and inexpensive. It is NOT clean eating recipe! It’s Christmas and you have to indulge at this time of year. Hope your Christmas Day is wonderful!

 b.berry trifle


1 full empty sponge cake

Jelly (port wine flavoured)

500ml thickened cream – whipped

1 litre of custard

fresh and or frozen berries – strawberries, blueberries and raspberries


  1. Prepare and make jelly the day before you plan to make trifle ( follow directions on jelly packet)
  2. Cut up and wash berries
  3. Whip the cream
  4. Pull apart sponge cake into little pieces – kids love to help to do this!

Layer 1 – sponge cake

Layer 2 – strawberries cut into heart shapes – layer around edge of bowl

Layer 3 – jelly layer

Layer 4 – pour custard over and allow to spread down the sides

Layer 5 – berries spread in an even layer

Layer 6 – the rest of the sponge cake

Layer 7 – strawberries into hearts shapes around the edge of the bowl

Layer 8 – pour the rest of the custard evenly in a layer

Layer 9 – dollop cream around the edges first then fill the centre layer

Layer 10 – mix cut up berries together and create a wide layer around the outside of the bowl

****Place in the fridge to set and sink in.