b. Hemp Seed Choc Balls

Try these protein power packed balls of deliciousness in this weekends baking up.  I store and use the batch for lunches in the coming week if they last that long.

macro HEMP SEED Choc Balls


1 cup of macro raw cashews and walnuts

10 seedless macro pitted dates

1/2 cup of macro Organic cacao powder

3 tablespoon macro Hemp Seeds

½ cup of macro  Organic Shredded Coconut flakes

1 tablespoon of macro Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

½ cup of macro Almond Meal


  1. Place in a dates, nuts, almond meal in a blender and add 1 one tablespoon of macro Hemp Seeds.
  2. Blend all contents up until oils in nuts are released and mixture is a crushed texture
  3. Add macro Coconut Oil, macro shredded coconut and macro cacao powder.
  4. Blend again until evenly combined
  5. Remove the mixture from the blender
  6. Set aside a bowl of macro Hemp Seeds ready for ball rolling
  7. Roll mixture into balls and then roll macro Hemp Seeds in
  8. Place balls in fridge to set



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