b. top 10 tips: How to get Mum, work, life balance.

Life is a balancing act for every person big or small…
Teaching our kids how to balance their own commitments as well, is an integral part of the using our time management skill. It’s all about creating functional personal schedules without over-commiting.

b. Top 10 tips on how to get that mum work life balance right (without falling off too often)

1. Schedule for the whole family (every individual) the plan includes all school activities, after school training, sport, fitness for you, appointments and food.


2. Keep the schedule visual: in the kitchen is the best spot so all members of the family can see it often.  Fill it out for the week every Sunday night at the end of dinner.

3. Add your weekly dinner plan to the bottom of it: then that dreaded question is not asked.. What’s for dinner and you don’t have to think.  It also helps with grocery purchases as that can be a huge time waster dropping in to grab stuff on the way home from afternoon activities.

4. Have a big plastic container in your car with extra stuff:

towels; togs; socks; underwear,: Jumpers; tissues ; suncream and umbrellas.

5. THINK and repeat that it’s good to be running around doing things working and dreaming of more opportunities: Not only does it burn more calories but you also don’t have time to sit on social media thinking you life is bad. (Yes well all do it – and this is becoming one of our biggest concerns for family and children lives.  Quality time for all is better than quantity.

6. Take time on the weekend for beauty: nails, facial, ready for the week ahead. We Mummas must not feel tired as we have so much to think about and a lot of it is in our head : repeating I gotta do this .. Those loud listing of chores.. 🙋🏼 yeah I do it too sometimes. Yeah I blow up too sometimes.

Remedy: Take a bath and try to get those beauty bits done at once. It will make you feel better and also love yourself more feeling and looking less tired.

7. Wardrobe in the morning must be easy to style: purchase items that you only feel your best in; try to look your best everyday, everywhere you go; it makes YOU feel better.   Stick with your best colour palette what ever that is for you and only buy these colours.  Add one trend item and the rest classic to all your outfits.

8. Prepare food for the week on a Sunday.

Bake up Granola, steam up extra mashed vegetables, cook up some extra chicken, and place them in containers at the ready for any hungry person.

9. Utilise your night time: for folding clothes, bills paying, stretching while watching your favourite TV show or movie.

10. Trust in you and say you are doing your best : we are not perfect and everyday will not go swimmingly. Kids will forget stuff and so will we but …and the golden sentence is.. if you do fluff it up…

“I’m sorry, I am doing my best”

No one can argue with that – I say this to my kids often as they too can understand rather then yelling at them in frustration. Talk to them when you are under pressure; tell them exactly why, and how you feel. These little communication facts: help kids to learn also how to deal with frustration of thing going wrong rather than creating anxiety.


Health and Happiness,




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