Is protein the answer for women and their wellness?

Is protein the answer for your health and wellness?

To protein or not to protein is the question and the big question it seems for many women.

Many women’s first question to me is should I use protein and  ‘why and how will this help me lose weight and give me body wellness?’

Facts of Protein:

Let’s look at some facts and then I will share my experience and why I now swear by protein to help me create my best health and body shape.

Research has indicated that users of whey protein prior to training will gain better weight loss result than other using no protein at all. Which I have now seen within my own body and proven this to be true.

Protein after workout is essential for muscle tissue growth and repair. Since our bodies are continuously breaking down proteins our diet must have sufficient quantities. Although, intakes vary depending on the persons body size thus why woman only require lean protein in small amounts 3 times a day.

Protein has the highest termic effect of food (which means it takes the most amount of energy (20-35% to process and absorb a protein) which is a really good thing. In short, this means your body is forced to expend more energy to process at protein throughout the day thus you will see faster fat loss than people who are consuming low protein food plans.

Protein has proven to boost your immune system as it contain whey (glutathione and tripeptide) which creates muscle strength and overall wellness.

Protein also stabilizes your energy levels and appetite. It will slow your digestion meaning you still stay fuller longer and it is a perfectly balanced fuel for your body plus its easy and fast to grab on the run.

Myths of Protein:

  • It will not make you look bulky.
  • It will not give you kidney failure.
  • It will not compromise you bone health.


I personally have a protein shake everyday (sometimes two) depending on workout load and energy expenditure.

Generally, it is at either the 1pm after lunch for that sugar crave time or 3pm another key sugar crave time slot. I choose a fast absorbing protein with low carbohydrates.

I have found my body to become stronger but also to become leaner and remains lean easily. I have gained muscle wellness which means my muscle fibres are elastic and not over bulky. I have gained more strength and I am rarely unwell therefore proving the immune system boost.

I personally do not eat any red meat and I only eat chicken and fish with lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and high quality carbohydrates like rice and oats. I require protein to help keep my body balanced and so do you.

How to add protein to your food lifestyle:

To make the most of training consume a meal, either whole food or liquid form within an hour of workout containing fast digesting carb and protein. This will prevent your body form using its own muscle tissue for energy and help muscle cell grow and develop.

I have tried and tested many brands … b.truth -A LOT and the best ones that has helped me to create this body is:

Body Science Hydroxyburn Lean5   or    Body Science Nitroval Lean Protein in either Chocolate or White chocolate flavour.

I add cold water to my protein shaker and  add one full scoop and use the spiral ball to ensure the protein is mixed thoroughly.

I shake it really well (I actually count 12 wrist shakes … )

I also use the same protein in b. smoothie bowl and b.smoothies, b.protein pancakes and b.protein balls. It is such a versatile and easy addition to any well balanced food lifestyle.

For more information on protein:

Health and Happiness always,