The 11 Truthful Things That I Told My Daughter

The 11 truthful things that I wish I knew earlier in life that I have shared with my daughter and my son.  

  1. Take complete responsibility for yourself (even if you are married) it is up to you & no one else ‘will or should’ save you. Consider keeping your own name in marriage – as it is your identity and it is not about ownership from another. b.truth: I changed my name in marriage and shared his however in the process I built my online identity.  After divorce my identity was lost as his last name was attached.  I had to find and create a new name a new version.  I now have no association with my actual birth family. This fact was a difficult pill to swallow. 
  2. Ensure an awareness of your own finances and budget – remove the mindset of keeping up with others in purchases. Also it’s imperative to know your own budget, know when your pay goes in and where it goes out too as we are all responsible for our own spending. Our obsession with beauty can cost a lot therefore stick to your plan and budget. b.truth: when I was married I had no awareness of where my money went after I was paid; I was only given money to use ( I know.. that is abuse?) After the divorce I had to find my own feet and create new financial awareness for myself. This was another bitter pill to swallow as on many accounts I had no access including my car or phone number. 
  3. Think of this current life as heaven – what if this was heaven? If we are lucky, we have 70-90 years to make this life our own little heaven (see the joy in little things daily). Try to have zero regrets instead only lists of learnings and reflection. 
  4. Health cannot be bought & no one can it for us. We cannot pay for health or mobility – once we stop activating our muscles it all stops and it’s goes rapidly. It cannot be retrieved. No doctor or medication can fix it. Remove the victim mentality (we all have stuff and extremely tough things to deal with daily) We all choose the food, and then chewed and swallowed. We also chose to sit on the lounge swiping a phone. So we caused it. 
  5. Food is more important than exercise and water even more crucial for the skin and body function. Stretch is better than any type of overtraining. Make the goal a flexible trunk section – meaning a supple spine.
  6. Being stressed only takes good moments from our life; it steals our time and causes disease within the body. 
  7. Move your body with varying speed daily; lift weights regularly and daily stretch on the rug in front of tv at night. Get the kids to join in too. 
  8. Sleep soundly by stating two grateful moments as your head relaxes onto the pillow. Ensure no tech or screen one hour before bed always. 
  9. The sun will give you energy and the sunrise will provide positivity even on the harshest heart breaks. Have a bath once a week in magnesium salt, put on a clay mask on as it cleanses the soul and removes toxicity.
  10. People will continue to surprise you forever & promise to never ever judge a person by their social profile.  Promise to be unapologetically you; be honest, give back as often as you can and never doubt your abilities. Anything is possible. 
  11. Bigger is not better in any case – ever! Not a bigger house, not a bigger butt, not a bigger car nor a bigger appetite and especially not bigger muscles. And to my beautiful fashionistas – Not even a bigger wardrobe will make it better.  Bigger only causes more harm and it’s a total time waster. b.truth: I must admit I have had bigger everything, houses, wardrobes, baths, kitchens, cars, land everything and now I live an extremely simplified and minimalist life. I am much happier because I find things easier and so do the kids. Life is better uncluttered and streamlined. 

Love b.x 

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