5 Tips to True Relaxation


After a long day at work or a big day at home with the kids, the first thing we want to do is relax, shower or sit on the lounge. Some of us want to escape and some want to hide with our most desired treats

If we really want to unwind successfully unfortunately sitting on the lounge will not cut it for our mind or our body. Unwinding is actually about relaxing and finding an equilibrium or rebalance. Relaxation is different to being lazy it is actually our bodies functioning response to revival.


We must seek to decompress the stresses of our daily lives by relaxing successfully. We have many stresses not only at work but our travel to work or home and our family lives with all its expectations associated.



Stress is best relieved though movement and breathing. Refreshing our body and mind through meditation, yoga, surfing, swimming or a peaceful act of switching our minds off on achievement and living in the present. It maybe drawing on or any mindful or moment.


Stress is our biggest health concern it’s connected to high blood pressure, anxiety, seizures and made mention with many cancer patients stating that they believe it was all stress related.


How to unwind and relax

  1. Create a peaceful space – music, no technology.
  2. Leave work at the office – switch off you phone.
  3. Spend time in the quiet with your eyes closed peacefully finding your breathe.
  4. Spend time observing your surroundings – go for a walk in the evening, lightly taking each step stopping to look at the lights or view. Enjoy sitting under a tree listening to the leaves in the breeze, reading or just sitting watching, appreciating. Go for a bike ride and enjoy the breeze on your face.
  5. Avoid getting it all done immediately – this task is particularly hard for me personally to switch off. Uniforms to get washed, dinner to start or my other work to complete or attend too.


I personally chose to unwind with yoga, walking with the kids on the beach or even meditation by the pool. If  I have a chance I will ride my bike to my favourite lookout and complete yoga.

Helping kids relax is also very important.  In our house the TV is rarely on; we tend to sit outside on our hanging chairs and discussing the day. I am truly blessed that my children are like this. They have been to taught to be like this and have grown up to see the huge benefits of living a peaceful life. Not to say they don’t love their technology ( goodness the addiction is real) I sometimes am forced to switch off the WIFI to ensure we take the time out. It does start with a scream through the house and then whinge and moan’. But every time they are so thankful and they sleep soundly and have less anxious minds and bodies.


Try these next time you feel stressed or in need to relax rather than the flop on the lounge option and see the benefits of this art of relaxation not only benefit you both your health and wellbeing of the whole family.


Health and Happiness always,