My ageing oral health caused sleep issues, gut bloat and lack lustre energy.

Our oral health affects our overall wellness more than we realize.  It was particularly true in my case. I had been suffering from average sleep due to grinding and stress, which caused limited energy for my busy daily activities. However the most toxic part was being caused by my fracturing front as the composite material that I was swallowing daily. It was said to have caused the gut issues that have now disappeared. Let me explain a little more…


You may have noticed a few changes to my mouth, to my teeth, to my speech? Well it’s been a year as I completed a full mouth makeover and alterations to my jaw, gums and teeth.


In 2011 I broke my two front teeth mountain biking when I hit face first into a tree. At the time I could only afford to get them capped with fillings as opposed to the proper crowns. This ‘band aid to teeth fixing’ became a problem as my front teeth were yellowing and sustained facture lines within the composite material over the next few years. Which meant that they could break at anytime – even eating any apple.  So it was time to invest and properly fix them and ensures I maintain teeth and gums into my later years.


Over time Dr. Rhea Allsopp had also noticed the dramatic change in my over bite and my receding gum line added to mismatch of my twisting damaged teeth. These changes happened swiftly and were evidently the result of many years of teeth grinding, jaw clenching (meaning lackluster sleep). The truth of the matter came down years of anxiety and stress from relationships and then it became worst in separation/ divorce.  Add the single mum life with the financial stresses and we needed an overhaul. Of course age played a part also. But this grinding excessively whilst sleeping caused jaw locks, headaches, teeth flattening, enamel loss and receding gums started to play with my health. (They say teeth are the result of heart issues – definitely true)


Along comes 2020 and my phenomenal dentist Dr Rhea says ‘it’s time to fix these teeth before it’s too late’. So we began a plan and process for remodeling. The process began with a muscle relaxant into my main jaw muscle (masseter, temporalis)to help the jaw relax and ensure we could not ruin the work we were doing to the teeth. We then did some serious dental work to maintain the healthy teeth. After this and there were already significant adjustments made to relieve my jaw and overbite.  We completed a full 3D mouth scan to clarify any issues.


From they’re to the scan and plan of the new teeth shape and overall update. The next task was starting the progressive process of wearing clear retainers to straighten the leaning back teeth. The clear retainers come in sets and my teeth required 21 sets to be right.  These retainers are changed every 10 days and this was a commitment for one year.


Next was to complete removal of all old fillings.  Meaning, I had stumped out front teeth and other teeth reset and filled with white filling as opposed to the old grey metallic.


After this I received a composite set of white top teeth as a plate that was attached to keep them safe and ready from and now until the new porcelain veneers were made. As we came to the final part the production as we attached the teeth for a final check and then we cemented in.


The major benefit to my mouth reconfiguration was my jaw alignment, which has been the most dramatic life changer for me personally. I knew my teeth didn’t need drastic cosmetic work but it was more about the lost front teeth, jaw and teeth turning inwards that helped me find genuine health overall. I sleep better, I can chew more thoroughly which means my digestion has improved and so too my teeth health for life longevity.


The main reason why I chose veneers over any other dental alteration was because the porcelain veneers and full restoration to my mouth improved my health. It meant my teeth wererestored in strength, functionality, shape and size to a tooth, and to improve its appearance. My main issues were to protect a tooth that has become weakened by age and cracked, by holding it together and preventing it from breaking. Veneers cover and support a tooth if there isn’t much natural tooth structure left or to make a cosmetic modification such as closing spaces between teeth, or reshaping or rotating teeth.


I place a high importance on my health because we only get one go at this life. So instead of spending on a new car or going on a holiday, I decided to put my mouth first as it is an asset that I show daily and does not sit in a car park. The cost of this type of work starts at 12k however it is dependent upon your personal needs. Dental health and oral health is an essential part of our overall health and well-being. Poor oral hygiene can lead to dental cavities and gum disease, and has also been linked to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. We use our mouth for everything we need to support life. We need our teeth to eat, our mouth to talk and it is also the first thing people see when they look to you. Meaning it is your biggest advertisement of you. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is a lifelong commitment and worth every cent.


I am extremely happy with the result! I love them especially the natural shape and enhanced white fresh colour they are exactly what Dr Rhea said we should do. The teeth are naturally refreshed, which I specifically asked for and wanted. The pain level was also worth it with  discomfort limited (except I did find the clear aligners frustrating). However, the end result for only one year was totally well worth my patience. I could have completed this makeover faster however I believe in ‘quality over quantity’.  I believe in ‘do it right then – you only do it once’.


I love my new teeth and I love how my mouth and lips look.  It has refreshed my face and made me look more youthful.  It has enhanced my speech and my confidence in my smile.  I truly am so happy with the result! 

Huge thanks goes to Dental Haus – Dr. Rhea Allsopp and the rest of her gorgeous Palm Beach team. Give them a call to help you achieve this type of age inspiring mouth makeover.

Health and Happiness,


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  1. Great information and beautiful teeth Belinda! I am considering doing the same so the big question is can you give me a ball park figure so I know what Im up for?!

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