21 Secret Anti Ageing Life Hacks


We all want it; we all seek to chase it and remain in the hope to feel beautiful and youthful for as long as possible. We want to feel confident in our skin in our body in our health and in our self- esteem. Surely there is a magic elixir? Unfortunately not, however here are some life hacks that models and the most youthful women don’t tell you about. These are the most effective ways to slow down the ageing process and you can start now.

21 Anti Ageing Secrets

  1. Drink more Water

The more water for the skin and entire body cleansing. I know this is cliché’ but it truly works. Put down that other beverage which is possibly sugar loaded or alcoholic or even healthy.  The best hydration is clear H2o in varying temperatures. I personally drink water warm, cold, hot, with ice. I munch on ice cubes and I always have a large glass of water before bed and immediately upon rising in the morning. Always begin every meal with a large glass of water too.

  1. Eat Blueberries Daily

Eat bluberries for breakfast whether it be in a smoothie, on oats, handfuls of them on the run, frozen ones in yogurt just eat them. They are loaded with antioxidants and high in vitamins and researches state they have excellent anti-ageing properites due to their cognitive benefits. These little fruits are High in Vitamin K and C and have also been found to improve our blood quality thus enhancing our cardiovascular health and fighting disease.



  1. Use a Fake Tan rather than baking your skin.

Sun baking or tanning has significantly decomposes our skin health thus creating wrinkles and aging our bodies. Ensure you use Sun cream daily on your face and body. I personally lather it on under my make-up daily and always on my legs as it creates a lovely skin shimmer too.

  1. Less Cardio more light speed weights

Please try less running. I know and I appreciate a good run but I have found excessive running to be counter productive to our best body shape. Over the years I have significantly shortened my running distances rather completing quality sessions speed sessions. I used to run and run and this created such stress in my body that I began to age faster. I run only 3km – 7km distances now unless I am completing a race. Otherwise I vary walking, sprints, or complete high quality weight speed circuits with short run efforts in between.

5. Eat Foods that enhance skin health

Eat Spinach, Almonds & Salmon

  • Try to eat Spinach at least 5 times a week, in salads, added with eggs in the morning or within dinners eg. Tacos
  • Snack on almonds daily – approx. one handful
  • Eat salmon at least twice a week Eat salmon once a week – high in protein, fish oils and good fats for your skin
  • Eat vegetables in every meal
  1. Wash Your Face Everyday
  • Always wash your face at night; never sleep in any make up and ensure you exfoliate your face every 3 days with a high quality exfoliate containing lactic acid.
  • Exfoliate face and body – budget for a 3 monthly Microdermabrasion to keep that skin fresh and also bright and vibrant. This process helps to remove fine lines and improves skin quality. I personally go to  http://www.australianskinclinic.com they offer many great discounts too.
  • Moisturise morning and night
  • Ensure you are not stingy with the products either– lather it on your hands and neck also. Some great budget conscious products are quality vitamin e cream available at your supermarket but there is an astounding array of great beauty products is endless. Don’t be shy go and find one you like and remember you can grab loads of sample before you get the one that feels, smells and makes your skin feel amazing.
  • Try Rosehip oil for around eyes or other stressed skin areas décolleté.
  1. Avoid ALL processed foods 

Less processed foods and avoid the calorie or macro rating as it is a ridiculous way to live especially if it involves you eating processed food. Please stop the ‘dieting fad’ it will NOT fight ageing. Food made in a factory filled with chemicals and with items that should not be consumed nor be processed within our delicate bodies.  It will not create a highly functional body nor it is nutrient loaded. Think about the food your intake as it actually is – How is it made? Where did it came from? and thes two factors will help you to avoid it.


  1. Avoid sipping from straws 

They create wrinkles around your lips just like the cigarette epidemic.


9. Make girl friends dates every 2 weeks 

Nothing beats a good girls catch up; gym session, evening walk or even breakfast but girls need girls banter and this time is so important as a stress buster for all women.


10. Wear suncream and sunglasses with a hat as often as possible.

11. Please Stop the ‘Diet’ regime and start the Body positive Boost regime

Eat health foods that nourish your body regularly. Eat meals six meals the size of your two fist daily.

(See YouTube clip below)



READ B.BodyBoost https://belindanorton.com/shop/b-bodyboost-high-quality-hardcopy-book/

12. Get a Massage (monthly /6 monthly but certainly yearly)

Massage should not be seen as a luxury item. It is a healthy necessity just like going to the dentist or any other health professional. It is a preventive actions to avoid injury. Loose and limber muscles mean less pain and less tearing or further ligament damage; not only that but it creates better mobility and also flushes unwanted toxins creating a more youthful body and skin tone.

13. Supplement

Take a ‘hair skin and nails’ supplement daily to ensure your body maintains best levels of nutrients. I use the ‘Swisse’ Hair Skin and Nails.

  1. Positive Mind Set

Look for the good in all situations – even if it was a terrible day, the car broke down, you forgot to feed the dog, the kids are whining in the car, there is no milk.  Bad days happen to everyone.   Try your best to rid the negative in all the situations and remember it is a set of challenges for a reason or the situation is happening to stop you from being in a worst situation.  Trust the flow.

  1. Yoga or Meditation weekly

Add a yoga class or doing a simple meditiation via the multitude of apps available will improve stress levels. By stressing less we create less wrinkles in our face and less peak: begin by laying flat and simply breathing

  1. Listen to Quiet soothing Music

Listening to music in bed or around the home or even in the car heading home can dramatically change your travel and your arrival home.

  1. Walk every morning

Upon waking, get dressed and get out for a walk – before breakfast then eat upon return. It will evoke the waking of your body and your metabolism. It helps your body to revive and start up correctly in the morning. Energy will remain higher all day and you will feel a buzz of certainty about yourself.

  1. Bath Soak or Steam

Bath night; soak in the tub with Epson salts or Steam your entire body once a week: either in a hot shower or at the gym. This is also a great time to shave and exfoliate afterwards. Steam will ensure your body relaxes helping it to recover faster as well as clearing your pores and refreshing your skin.

  1. Reading Books rather than technology 

By reading before bed it helps our brains to relax. It also forces you to turn off all technology at least one hour before sleeping. Avoid social media before bed as it tends to make you feel insecure and hitting the pillow with this type of negativity can create a unhappy dream or thought pattern. No one needs that in their life nor in their dreams.

  1. Go to Bed Earlier

Get into bed earlier and sleep at least 7 hours a night. If you are struggling to switch off there is a superb herbal sleep helper – ‘Swisse’ Sleep also available from supermarket. I personally use it when traveling and also when heightened due to over-exhaustion.


  1. Limit Sugar of all types

When the dessert crave hits that peak after dinner. Slice up apple ensure its deliciously fine crispy slices and if you still crave dip in peanut butter or even add some flavoured almonds.


Try it and see for yourself and I promise you someone will notice!


Health and Happiness always,




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