Top 8 Secret b. Body Exercises & Tricks

My body is changing again how exciting but how very scary this prospect can be. After having children, add over 40 plus and a new life chapter – I have noticed so many physical changes as my body processes the effects. In this past year I have varied my training due to outside attributes and I wanted to share how my body is responding.

The main focus was and continues to be alignment, mobility and wellness. I do personally like to maintain a feminine body shape and these are my must do exercises that have rebooted my ever changing body. These exercise will work for you too.

Top 8 Secret b.Body Exercises and Tricks  

  1. Single leg deadlifts with 5kg hand weights using a fit ball to balance one leg  – this exercise focuses on inner thigh and whole leg stabilisers to ensure posture and strength. It also works those thighs to ensure leaner legs. 3 Reps of 12
  2. Side plank with one knee crunch (as seen in image) this exercise realigns and ensure core strength and lower abdominal burner. 3 Reps of 12
  3. Leg press single & double leg focus with increased weights and repetitions in each set 12/14/16/18. This exercise will lift that booty and create leaner legs and overall strength while being supported in a machine. 
  4. Walking wide stance lunges with 10kg hand weights – this exercise switches those inner thigh wobbly bits back into shape. 3 Reps of 12
  5. Speed walk / with 200m run efforts in 30 minute cardio morning set – get fitness and overall energy back on track faster. 
  6. Rolling my thighs every second evening while watching tv – helps to flush cellulite and also maintains the muscle lengthening rather than bulking the legs. 
  7. Increasing incidental body movements in the day – Walk fast to photocopier / moving more at lunch breaks/ take the stairs/ chase the kids/ move faster. The more you move the more you motivate your body to create functional habits. 
  8. Before every meal drink a large glass of water – it’s a major skin benefit (less wrinkles) it truly works, water also helps flush the toxins and hydration means productive thinking and positive thoughts

Our best results also come by focusing on the positives of our body rather than weight loss.  Think: movement gain. Embrace where you are and chase where you strive to be.  Now go get it! 

Health and Happiness 


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