B. Body Bloom – the food and fitness program I live by.

B. Body Bloom the program designed to help you feel free and in love with how you look after yourself. No guilt, no shame, no D word, just the simplicity of the truest kind. This 10 year trialled food and fitness program is my testament to how I live. My day is filled being a teacher and working full time, parenting and running life with my two teen and as well as an online business. It’s hectic but I want you to know –  you can do it.

This year I turn 46 and the many pathways I have taken have lead me to the clearest understanding of how our beautiful, remarkable bodies can change on a daily basis.  I encourage you to love this part and I will help you to learn to find ways to remain optimally healthy.

I am very excited to have completed the ultimate food and fitness guide for you and the all the family. 

It is a simple and effective program that any body can start. It is a step by step program that you can choose to take at your own pace. 


The program begins in the mind. How to reboot those habits.  You can be forgiven for taking the path. It’s not your fault if you are unmotivated. You have simply consumed a new routine. We can remove that sluggish unmotivated feeling.  Let’s create new habits. 

All we need to do is these 5 things daily.  These 1% re-patterns. 

This ebook has been written for you with the intention of being your inspirational, body positive, practical training and meal planning tool.  It is designed to get you moving and feeling great. Grab yours today!

The brand new and fully complied 102 page ebook will take you through the fundamentals of rebooting your body back into form and fitness. I want you to feel well and energised daily.

The book contains:

  • Real Motivation and how to actually re-motivate for longevity.
  • Raw Head Talk
  • Raw Five Barrier
  • Real Training Methods
  • Raw Fitness Guide – 10 different workout sets
  • Raw and Real Food Lifestyle – with a specific list of food to consume daily.

I encourage you in the program to eat raw and real whole grown foods is the magic elixir to our bodies performance level.  These earth-grown foods promote internal health from digestion to blood boosting components. I encourage you to eat raw vegetables daily.  

I encourage you to build through this program of fitness learning about your body. Understanding the fundamentals of movement for body and mind.

I encourage you to bloom.

This ebook is my everything guide to your body and mind blooming for better health.

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