The Importance of Pure Water


Right now wasting our water resource is extremely silly. With all our precious resources being stretched here in Australia and with these devastating bushfires it has become evident we must makes changes – NOW. Last year we took it upon ourselves to live a conscious life. We downsized, went minimalistic with a small home, ensured less environmental footprint by use renewable resources and to ensure we are making a difference in our everyday life. However the one life changing purchase I made before this summer was an under bench water filter for the kitchen tap by – Pure Water System. The importance of clean purified and quality drinking water has never been more important! Our dams are low and our drinking water is currently being contaminated due to air and water pollutants. We need to make a conscious choice for our bodies to hydrate it for health. This not only affects our bodies but our family overall health. The most evident change has been the kids are drinking more water now- the day I got the filter system and it installed made a huge change.  As the amount of extra water the kids drank was astounding saying ‘OMG it taste so much better, it’s actually yum again’. 

Think about how your family drinks their water.. it is truly the source of all health for us. We must make a change to cleanse our bodies with clean filtered water for our health today and our future.

The Importance of Pure Water 

The main reason why I personally sourced to find a better alternative for our at home water hydration was due to three main factors – our environment, my budget, water containments and that these affect my and my children’s health.

Our Environment

I have noticed in these holidays the amount of people purchasing bottles water at the groceries.  As quite a lot of people turn to buying bottled water as their main source of water because they dislike the taste or smell of their tap water. This breaks my heart when we think about all that plastic! Single use plastic water bottles won’t keep your drinks cool, but they do contribute to the 8 million tons of plastic that ends up in our oceans each year.

Reusable double walled water bottles can keep your water chilled for up to 12 hours – perfect for hot summer days. We use the Muve brand water bottle (as seen in images)

Mama Budget Consciousness 

Being a single Mum every dollar counts.  When I found out that in a year, just one of the cheapest filters, a Bench Top Water Filter, can provide the same amount of filtered water as 3,155 600ml plastic water bottles. They’re also portable, easy to DIY install in under 5 minutes to most taps (no plumber needed) and produce great tasting water that’s free from unpleasant taste, odour and disinfection chemicals (and better quality than most plastic bottled water!). They’re better for your body, your wallet and the environment! I got the black dual tap installed by a registered plumber as my bench space was not substantial enough.  Other taps and systems are available.

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Water Contaminants

As we watch our dams emptying, the fires burning our lush country it is evident of the effects on our water quality. The water filtration system I purchased has 2 cartridges – and one is our exclusive Hi-Tech Optimiser. This cartridge is GREAT for removing those gross smells and tastes that can be in tap water – along with a whole lot of other contaminants.

One of the main complaints my kids and most people have is the chemical smell in their water. This is usually from chlorine and other disinfection products that are added in by our water authorities to kill any bacteria in water supplies or pipes. However, once the water has arrived safely at your house – there’s no need to drink any of the disinfection chemicals. Sometimes when in times of low rainfall that our water supplies are topped up with treated water, the chlorine smell can be really strong at your taps water. You’ll notice a pretty stark smell difference between unfiltered and filtered tap water.

The Hi-Tech Optimiser key features:

  • Certified to effectively remove up to 101 contaminants – such as 99% chlorine, 98% lead, 99.95% parasites (such as giardia and cryptosporidium)
  • Unique triple action filtration, exclusive to Pure Water Systems
  • Great tasting, healthier and drinking safer water. When water tastes better, you drink more! So it’s easier to be healthier and hydrated.

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Water Health benefits

The most obvious and certain health benefit is when water tastes better, you drink more! So it’s easier to be hydrated and reap the hydration health benefits. This was the most important fact for my kids and myself. It’s really important to consider the quality of the water you’re hydrating yourself with on your wellness journey. Some water can leave you feeling still thirsty, and some water can even be detrimental to your best wellbeing efforts. Like water that contains bacteria killing chlorine doesn’t know the difference between bad and good bacteria. We really need good bacteria to support our delicate gut microbiome, as gut health is crucial to our overall health, immunity and just functioning!

So your best health efforts by taking expensive supplements or like eating a probiotic rich diet may be slowed down if you’re washing it all down with water containing chlorine.

See Fit Mama book for my information on how to hydrate effectively to ensure better overall health for you.

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The filter system I purchased:

I then sort to find the best company with the most reputable products, as this is extremely important to me.  The difference is unlike some other water filtration companies, Pure Water Systems aims to stand out by always being able to back up what we say. They pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service along with high quality, great value products supported by official test results and certification. Customers become part of the Pure Water Systems family as they have ongoing commitment to excellence, helping, and always being knowledgeable and trustworthy.

I beg of you to think about your water quality and the health implications for your family today.

Health and Happiness always,