Five Foods to Eat Daily

If I could choose only five foods to live on for the rest of my life it would be these. I live by the thought that 

‘You flow differently when the right food is watering you’. 

Therefore if we fuel right daily and are watered by these nutrients we will bloom. Blooming as we age is a joyB.Body Bloom (E BOOK). We women are often told we need to age gracefully and some live by the claim to age disgracefully – but what if we live to bloom in age like the flower we are. Blooming is about nurturing each aspect of ourselves and growing daily into who we are. There is no method but there is a list of ingredients that will nourish the growth.

These five nutrient loaded foods I consume daily. Yes every day! 

  • Oranges 
  • Carrots 
  • Broccoli 
  • Blueberry 
  • Oats (gluten free or standard) 

Why these b? 

Oats are a good source of many vitamins, minerals, and unique plant compounds. This grain also offers a number of potential health benefits, including reduced cholesterol and improved insulin sensitivity. I eat them as porridge or overnight oat jars for work or in homemade muesli.

Oranges 🍊 have other nutrients that keep your body healthy. The fibre in oranges can keep blood sugar levels in check and reduce high cholesterol to prevent cardiovascular disease. Oranges contain approximately 55 milligrams of calcium, or 6% of your daily requirement. Oranges are a delicious snack or sugar hit after lunch or work. 

Blueberry 🫐 the most delicious nutrient loaded fruit. They may help lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease, improve memory, aid in exercise recovery, and more. Blueberries are believed to have one of the highest antioxidant levels of all common fruits and vegetable. 

 Broccoli 🥦 is a superfood and offers disease-fighting nutrients that can decrease signs of ageing, among other benefits. The most important is anti-inflammatory power of broccoli is tied to a reduced risk of chronic diseases. A study found that a higher intake of cruciferous veggies helped lower levels of pro-inflammatory markers circulating in the blood. Eat more broccoli! 

Carrots 🥕 are high in fibre and they maintain blood sugar levels at optimum. They are loaded with vitamin A and beta-carotene,  as evidence states can lower your diabetes risk. Carrots can strengthen your bones as they are calcium loaded with vitamin K, both important for bone health.

I believe and share how to bloom in life as opposed to live to count the days, counting the calories or counting anything. We live to be present in living for as long as possible to thrive each day. Thriving is balance. Eat well, meaning nutrient loaded foods, eat the portion of your fist 6 times daily. Move as often as possible; walk in the sunshine – do yoga, breathe, lift weights 3 times a week and enjoy the strength you feel. Do a ‘running sprint daily’ just to ensure if you had to – you could. Lastly, enjoy the blooming in the beauty that life has to offer, enjoy a wine, float in the ocean and love harder daily.

Health and Happiness,