Finding the beauty in perimenopause

Finding the beauty in perimenopause has been extremely hard. Probably as hard and as uncomfortable as I hold this racquet. The hardest part – is letting go. Truth is it’s a trait of mine – I’ve not always been able to believe in myself. I’m a 90% belief and a 10% doubt. Raise your hand if you feel the same. Our head knows what to do but the body can’t fight it.  It’s all happening whether we like it or not. (Control freak or self respect freak?) 

Deeply there is feeling loss of self and it is also OK to say if you do. 

We women go through some serious body changes in our lives. I’d liken perimenopause/menopause to the first stage of pregnancy. The first stage of allowing the body to nurture itself into another phase. 

In those first months of pregnancy we realise the old habits don’t work. We crave different foods, we gain weight, our moods are uncertain, yet we still hold onto the glimmer of hope that we are in control of body functions and factors. We mask them and question ourselves while crying in the shower.

Well perimenopause is the same.

As a fitness writer, author, health professional I’ve found this phase challenging especially  because I don’t have the growing baby glow, it’s just a uterus and pelvis that seems to be very tired. I want to state it’s not about physicality – it’s about the body feels. 

So I started to look or feel in a different way. I am hoping this may help many of you. 

The fact is –

1. Ladies it’s inevitable. Accept.

2. It happens gradually. Allow.

3. It’s happens faster if you drink too much wine and eat more cheese. (Yup it’s a thing after 45 years old. 😂) 

Note:  Just because we are moving, training, eating nutrients loaded foods in correct portions does not mean an immunity to the fluctuating hormones that change our body. My uterus becoming more evident, my pelvis becoming heavy and my ability to jump, sprint and push through is becoming less important. I am sharing because it is ok to bloom into a new phase. I also find myself putting more value on time with my people, time to enjoy, time to live joyously, and even more time trying to silence the influencer expectation. 

We tend to have an image burnt into our mind of what it should be or could be. We hold onto the phase at which we felt valued, adored, awarded or loved.  We hold onto a glory age or phase. I’ve held onto health but annoying still strive for athletic physicality – this mindset is holding me back. 

Our glory age is here now. Right this moment as we experience an exciting season in life. The ‘bravest bloom’ ever … 

You have worn the battle scars and braved the preseason and now it is your bloom time. You know your body so well. Listen to it. Nurture it. Embrace each wrinkle, allow it to soften (as the hard body part is over) and your flexible in body and mind begins, breathe in the glorious movements and nurture supple skin with food and continue joyously sipping coffee and wine.

Health and Happiness,