Get kids active before school with my best tips and tricks.

“Get kids active before school as it allows them to use their greatest mind tool”. b.x 

The importance of getting active before school has never been more prevalent. Kids are sitting more and so are us adults.  How can we fix it?well it’s with a simple, fun, body move start to our day.

Before school or before work add in some of our most important mind work and move your body. I know it’s hard to get up earlier but the value in it will show up throughout your day – with a switched on mind; higher energy levels; mood enhancement and for kids. This is the key to overall wellness for our kids and ourselves.  Research states the simple act of mind and body movement adds more value and longevity to our life than the extra sleep we think we need.  Our kids thrive on morning exercise and allow and encourage them to join in; it will actually make our mornings faster and more productive as they are vibrant and able to listen and do what we ask of them. What a Bonus!! 

These are my best tips and tricks to get kids active before school : 

Bubba and Kids Under 4 – 

  • Early morning pram walks.  I used to make a smoothie the night before and give it to them in the pram all while you walk fast or run.  From here the next step is – Add a scooter or push them on their bike.
  • Always stop at a playground play tiggy and have some Mama time to watch them (not sit on your phone scrolling ; well of course if you are double tapping that counts of a workout) and instead use the time wisely and complete an incidental workout – do some step ups or stationary lunges or complete your Fit Mama Energy Boost workout. 

School age kids- 

  • Walk further to school – Park the car a lot further away from school walk /run towards school together – go a little earlier to ensure you get back to car on time for work. (Bonus less school car park stress & school zone issues disappear – yay!! ) 
  • Encourage swim /running training or gym lessons before school. 
  • Try to do this 3 – 4 mornings a week (it does not have to be everyday) it’s more important that a habit is started to beginning to initialise in our system. Balance is important too.
  • Get them to join in with your 30 minute walk or run.


  • This age group is tricky as they mope or groan. Perseverance is key and if the habits are created and they have the built in memory of the morning endorphins release they will join in. I use a tack of  ‘if you do this morning walk’ I will not bother you for other things until lunchtime – except the chores.
  • Make the fitness easy to complete – its a walk with dog and then turn it into a tag game.
  • It’s a balance with teens to compromise and add the chores reminders but the ‘working as a team’ strategy speak volumes with teens in the home as they feel a personal value and self worth is built by joining in.


Early morning starts actually help kids and it does not harm them. It helps them to understand time management and that our health is a priority. It’s helps them to get to bed on time because they are tired. It stops the grab of a device or for some kids tv before school. It’s the best way to encourage morning happy moods; positive starts to the day. It’s not about being a morning person it’s about making ourselves morning people creating the habits in daily routines.

It will not suddenly happen overnight this brand new mindset and habit. It will take some tough mornings but persevere I guarantee you it will be worth it. These habits are life long growth patterns developing your kids lives to be their best. Join in and watch ‘you’ will become their greatest role model for health and they will thank you. 

Try it this week! Make a family plan tonight! Share with me.

Health and Happiness,