The Number 1 Abdominal Rebuild Tip For After Bubba

The secret is out! I am going to let you in on how and to realign and rebuild that body after bubba.

My number 1 abdominal b.tip is:

Hold in V sit position, pull in through belly button and ensure your shoulders are back.  Chin at neutral and breathe slowly. Focus your attention on the whole core being switched on this includes your lower back.  Complete slow pulses in and out as show in image.  This is truly how I retrained and realigned my abdominals after having children.

b.Truth: I have a complete abdominal muscle split so much so I can fit my fist between my abdominals approx 3cm. It’s called ‘diastasis recti’ and it occurs after pregnancy in many women. It’s normal however very important to rebuild and recover these important core muscles.  Our abdominal muscles and pelvis ligaments require total realignment lets face it growing a bubba is no easy feat.  We must ensure we take the time to rebuild an recover our bodies properly. If we don’t do this –  the weakness remains and can cause lower back problems due to theses muscles not functioning as they previously did. 


3 sets of 12 x V abdominal sit reps with pulses in out 

Try small pulses and ensure your alignment is perfect.  

Health and Happiness always,




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