5 Ways to Improve Self Discipline

The number ONE thing we all need to work on for success is:

self discipline

Do you have it? Do you have it in small amounts or for certain things?

I know it is very hard to gain self discipline and it is the one thing stopping so many of us achieving what we truly want. It also affects the Mama life as so many other aspects of mothering come into play however this week strive for it, work on it!

Think about this normal and most basic discipline -Waking up and when you wake up tired – we all feel it and struggle with it – except there is now no excuse. Waking up early is a must; it is hard at first however the sooner you make the habit change the more refreshed you feel.

The same with the easy food option or the excuse we use when we are tired or in a rush. The moment we go to grab that ‘one bite’ of the food we know is not satisfying or nourishing – it’s called the  ‘this will do food’.  This week I want you to tell yourself I have self discipline and I will overcome my habits.

Improve self discipline in these 5 ways:

  1. Remove temptation – distractions, clutter, set yourself up for success by ditching bad influences. This includes phone times (set limits for you and the family)
  2. Eat regularly and healthy – low blood sugars weakens our mind and body. Allow your brain its full capacity to focus and strive.
  3. Don’t wait for it to ‘feel right’ – create good habits (it’s hard but it’s worth it) acknowledge it will take time to reconfigure and update that brain but keep going.
  4. Schedule breaks, treats and wellness -no diets! Only eat food that is nourishing and splurge on wellness activities or food rather than treats. Ask yourself is this healthy !? if the answer is no than avoid and find something better.
  5. Forgive yourself and move forward – Did you messed up? , Did you made a mistake ?! Good! .. so what did you learn? We need to avoid lingering in the victim state and move forward. We need to stop the repeat of negativity and simply say sorry, own it and move on. (Especially important for our kids to see and note)

Health and Happiness, 


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  1. I really love reading your blog and posts. They speak to me! Thank you for being so inspiring and encouraging! X

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