The ‘Positive Food Era’

The ‘Positive Food Era’ 


We are the new era of food with no name just ‘highly nourished’. We are not anti-food but positive food based looking at each food as it’s health possibility to our wellness. We believe in fuelling ourselves with as many plants as possible yet using other foods as builders to combine a balanced food routine to extend energy, wellness both physical and mental. It is a well known fact that focussing on food causes instability in our mental state however living well with knowledge of food that provides our body with a feeling of contentment and nourishment will extend life longevity. 

Currently there is a food obsession with ‘diets’ on the market.  From paleo, keto, high protein, no sugar, low carb, nut-free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, flexible and many others it is an extremely difficult mountainous course to navigate and we have forgotten about the simplicity of listening to our own body.

If we understand the basics of food being fuel to nourish our bodies to get from A – B without health ailments then we can be successful.  Balance is the key to life and small amounts of ALL foods including fish, meat, dairy, carbohydrates, fats, sugars, other protein and many plant based foods weekly is key to overall health. Any type of anti-campaign is well documented as creating more issues than solutions. Unfortunately our society is making nutrition and fitness seem so difficult due to the crowded information and overload ‘name’ tagging of food. Tagging names of diets like; I am on the keto and then change to detoxing; or describing the hate of food rather than the positives. Our society is time poor and this being the culprit for many depending on fast fixes or these type of diets. Everyone wants health now or weight loss now or even cheats or treats now without looking at the implications for a wholesome daily life. A concerning issue is our children as they need to be aware of food being positive and to be encouraged to try and to eat food that provides nourishment from whatever category they live in. Unfortunately it is causing unnecessary worry or anxiety.

It has been founded by doctors and nutritional experts that eliminating food actually causes latter problems of anaphylactic or highly allergic reactions especially in children and this is dangerous. Our bodies require food to create antibodies to fight disease and if we don’t get them how can we learn to fight them. We live together in one world with multiple levels of disease changing daily.  Elimination of certain foods that has occurred for a long period of time requires ‘desensitisation’ to fix this medical issue. Which is a process of giving the body small amounts of these foods in a chemical form over a year long process. Children require small amounts of ALL foods weekly to ensure this does not occur instead testing food to enhance their palette development and sensory skill. Our children deserve to have a clear understanding for their future health that food is fuel for them. 

If we are to look at all the facts over may centuries of consumption of meat; dairy, poultry, plants they are all not created without some form of pesticide or poisonous process and even home grown are tainted as we wash them with an unknown water form. Plants are sprayed with pesticides (no guarantee on this even organic) and soil that is tanished with other misaligned minerals. The air is filled with fuel and pollution we breathe in daily, our kids touch chemicals daily without us knowing, we drink water from taps or pipes that may or may not be harmful. All our foods have been produce with aspects of the unknown. But we all live on Earth so no way to avoid it.

In regards to any type of anti-food including the anti-meat it is the same as anti-alcohol.  Alcohol has little value on your nutrition with no minerals or nutrients except we still drink it. Which is a similar to the meat argument held by many. However, alcohol in small amounts in balanced is for mental health, social and happiness. Alcohol causes people’s health to decline or causes forms of hurt as does and meat/dairy to animals and people.

To help find a solution we must only eat small amounts of the highest quality food to provide nutrients and minerals to our bodies. We are constantly exposed to pollutions therefore making valuable and informed food choices for our own bodies is tremendously important  — fear campaigns in food are not the answer.

How to be a positive foodie:

  1. Seek the best quality food you can get your hands on;
  2. Drink more water daily;
  3. Balance thoughtful family fitness;
  4. Develop sensible portion control;
  5. Eat more nutrients as the compete value for a wholesome life. 

Personally, I strive to be as plant based as possible, eating wholesome foods. All meals contain quality and/or homemade nutritious foods with predominate focus on fruit, vegetables and grains. I eat fish, all seafoods, chicken approx. 3 times a week, however no red meat or pork or any processed foods due to them creating digestive issues. I eat eggs 3 times weekly, I drink alcohol approximately once a week and drink a lot of filtered water. I drink 2 almond milk coffees daily and nut milk based smoothies. I however avoid eating most dairy products due to health issues and the mucus it creates. If dairy is my only option  I will eat whole dairy yogurt. I feed the children the same food variations however sometimes they have specific options and we talk generally about their health implication. If they make the choice to eat processed foods or have a treat we sometimes discuss and I make them aware of their post body feelings from the food – example: Intense energy from high sugar or stomach issues, dehydration or cough. This knowledge is key to their health by being able to understand their own personal body triggers and changes for themself. 

In the argument of which type of  ‘diet’ or food regime is better no one is right or wrong. As all have valid points however the main point is balanced food and fitness is key to life longevity.  Always giving as much love as possible by finding value in all life (human, plant & animal); taking only what you need and thinking of kindness first.

Seek the quality over quantity always; listen to YOUR BODY and then a real balance can found for every human.

This year make 2019 and beyond  ‘your positive food era’ focus on personal health and whole food nutrition, eat more plants and avoid the food hate, embrace body love to help you and your families bodies become their best. 

Health and Happiness,



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