5 ways to make your fitness training fun + happy + effective

5 ways to help make your fitness training: fun + happy + effective

We all find it hard sometimes to get that fitness training motivation and it is a for a number of reasons; but mostly due to lack of motivation from boredom, being tired or simply can’t be bothered thinking after a long day at work.

Here are 5 ways to help you get motivated and get the best from your training every week.

1. Train with a friend:

  • someone who makes you laugh
  • that you can be real with
  • that is dependable
  • and non-competitive.

2. Add music and make it loud:

  • It helps to find the beat with your body and will maintain your energy longer.
  • Use headphones if you are training alone so you can get your own vibe without being distracted.

3. Do exercises that make you feel strong and confident:

  • If you are uncoordinated ~ don’t make yourself feel worst by doing dance/ boxing/ busy classes.
  • complete fitness that make you feel good about yourself and that is fast and energising.

4. Change it up with variety of exercises each week :

  • Ensure you use all your muscle and mind 🙏🏽 groups every week.
  • Complete cardio, yoga, weights, circuits, speed, hitt, varied weights and repetitions.

5. Have a plan set : know what you are doing to do before you start.

  • This so you don’t have to think of a regime : because it’s your routine.
  • Follow a fitness plan that targets all your must improve areas.

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This will help you get motivated this week or inspire you to get healthy for yourself and your family.

Health and Happiness always,