It is possible! to be your very own type of Fit Mama

It is absolutely and 100% possible to change your leg shape!

You are not stuck with them rubbing together or chaff or being uncomfortable.

This image is me at 22 years old vs 42 years old it is ‘a health explosion’. Forget weight loss and embrace ‘health gain’! Do you want to explode your inner health outward? I have proved it’s possible with the Fit Mama book – food and fitness program – and you can do it!

Lots of lovelies ask is it just for Mum’s? The ‘Fit Mama’ Book is not just for Mum’s it’s for women of all ages because WE women are always looking after someone,  right? Looking after other people or our puppy or cat or our neighbour or our parents or someone in need but we are always busy being the one who looks after others. I too am a busy working Mum and I wanted to share the Fit Mama program for any busy women to have a health explosion. I was 22 and I’d been injured, knee injury. I was fatigued; moody; over-training; doing too much cardio; eating pretty good but.. well you know.  I was doing zero weight training; and my negativity was evident. I was trying so hard but had no idea what I was doing wrong. My story is real, my life is let’s say possibly ‘a bit crazy busy’ but the fact is  I want to help every woman feel their best, aligned, functional and happy to help all our kids to their best life too. 

This is where it all began… it’s time for you now.

It’s YOUR time to believe in YOU.

YOU deserve it for YOU.

YOU deserve to feel phenomenal every single day YOU wake up.

So YOU can feel unbelievably happy and energised.




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