The Six Surprising Aspects Stopping our Mobility, Body Function and/or Composition. 

The six surprising aspects stopping our mobility, body function and/or composition. 

With ‘weight loss’ being a dirty word in current forums – I’m going out on a limb.

The trend of ‘body love and acceptance’ has been grossly twisted to enforce unhealthy immobility habits.  These habits have caused immobilised young bodies, it has caused misinterpreted health routines towards stagnation. And now many people are hooked on sugars causing addiction and ineffective mental and body habits.

To me personally, ‘Body love and acceptance means to fill the body with love of looking after it with consciousness and accepting ourself wholeheartedly for doing so’ however I fear a lost in translation has occurred.

The fact is ‘our body mobility is the most imperative part of our overall health’ – it is NOT about looks but it is how our body can function basic movements of walking, twisting, running, lifting. If our body is carrying excessive body composition it is harder to move or be mobile. It is harder to be an active participant in life. Carrying excessive body composition means our joints and the body are upon undue pressure causing injury or unhealthy aliments. Excessive body composition causes immobility, poor posture, poor digestion, skin irritations and misalignment. In addition the body must have ease in internal function and flush;  meaning our digestion including our regularly with going to the toilet and our blood flow. Our blood flow is the focus as this fuels our organs including our largest organ our epidermis. I have noted many young people with skin disorders due to excess sugars or processed foods. Many influential people promoting ‘body love’ yet it is more closely noted to be ‘body torture’. The torture of our vital organs through fuelling with toxic food or additives or moving them incorrectly or irregularly.  (Note: a tiktok video is not enough movement of muscles for improving health and selling the fast high sugar food as ‘YOLO’ is fast becoming our greatest body challenge especially for our youth).

To continue on this branch I want to share (for those who want to know) – the exact aspects that are stopping us from keeping our body in shape and maintaining our healthy body composition and mobility. 

Sugar –  Sugar is the number one hinder of health. It is the amount of sugar consumed in our food, our drinks and in our takeaway lifestyle. Sugar is an additive in many foods hidden as a preserver. The consumption of hidden sugars in our foodstuffs has taken its toll especially over this past year. These include the high sugar açai bowls repackaged as healthy and the excess consumption of alcohol which has risen dramatically during this season.

Tips to revert this habits: Read labels; make food at home and buy food with limited packaging. Read every label and compare brands as cheaper brands are filled with extra preservatives /sugars. Compare labels daily, choose to eat raw whole fruit and vegetables as opposed to cut or repackaged ones. See to be knowledgeable about what goes into your mouth. Think thoughtfully about the consumption of quality and real foods. Be conscious and be aware of what you are consuming daily; weekly and monthly because this makes the difference. 

Stretch – Stretching out our muscles has become a luxury time expense; yet it is a free fitness activity and the most effective way of flushing our bodies. Stretch must be seen as a training session to lengthen to breathe to love the body. Flushing the lactic & toxins from the muscles can only be achieved through stretch or massage. It cannot be done any other easier way.

Tips to revert this habit: stretch first thing in the morning or stretch whilst watching your fave tv. show. Self massage your body with a roller or your own hands. 

Stagnant Lifestyle – Our sitting lifestyle has been encouraged and outdoors discouraged due to ‘government regulations’. New habits have been formed for many and this sitting and viewing the world from a screen has become a routine. We used to move a lot more without us realising it. Get back to this pattern and be honest when yourself are you genuinely making an effort to move all the muscles daily? Every muscles?

Tips to revert this habits: Make a new habit to move, get up, set an alarm for movement breaks and (not just to go to the toilet) but to actually take the stairs, to go outside and walk a kilometre or a mile. 

Supplements – Any type of supplement will NOT make your body function better. They will not give you a magic weight loss nor better health. Save the money and time. and instead buy quality foods and move every muscle more often daily. A supplement is made to boost and enhance the effective habits created with food and fitness routines. The only things that will provide better health is high quality vegetables and fruit. High protein and lean meats or fish, zero to no sugar food/drinks and limited alcohol consumption of two – four glasses weekly maximum. Zero alcohol is better for exemplary body health.

Tips to revert this habits: Choose to nourish the body, avoid diets and consciously choose food that makes you feel well.  Start to feel your body again as many of us are NUMB to our feeling of what is happening within our body. Gain knowledge about your body and its functions. Learn about you! This is loving and accepting you.

Water – I will say it again – our body requires water, clean fresh free water from the tap. Drink it often. Drink water if your happy, sad, worried, fearful , joyous, drink water after training, during and before. Drink water hot, cold, warm but drink up!

Tips to revert this habits: Drink a glass before and after every meal.

Strength resistance training – Strength training will increase body mobility and longevity. It will ensure weight management and it will increase strength and confidence. It will ensure better posture and it will increase our immunity and body health. Use a progressive overload strategy if your strength resistance training is not sparking the system. It means an increase in repetition or weight bearing is required. Progress at a pace that makes you feel personal strength.

My truthful reasons for improving my health and staying on track is to protect myself and my kids. I genuinely complete strength training for my confidence because it improves my single mama abilities. It gives me assurance that if I am in a situation that I need to; out run, out last or fight or even carry my kids to safety – I know I could. This is a genuine single mama life truth. b.x

Sending you health and happiness daily,