b.Baby Body Transformation: How fast or slow should you really go?

My Post-Baby Body Transformation: How fast or slow should you really go to thrive?

Becoming a Mum changed my body dramatically.  It changed my mindset, it changed my time fames and it changed my adaptation to food and fitness. It changed so much about me I literally had no idea who I was anymore. This was an extremely hard fact for a ex.athlete to swallow. This is hard for any women especially as the body does not respond in that recognisable way. My body became slow, I held a circle of fat around my belly button; I called it my permanent donut, I even played with in the mirror daily. My hips became wider this is of course normal after baby, but the saddle bags on my butt – Where did they come from?

I was tired and in this image I was exhausted from climbing Byron Bay lighthouse. Who was this girl? I used to run regularly on weekends 20km off the bike after 120km ride and this was a leisurely Sunday before I’d then go to work. (Yup crazy!) 

We must understand that after having children our bodies respond differently too food and fitness.  Our bodies are also in our greatest recovery process and the most difficult part of a women’s life. Changing our old habits in food consumption and fitness training is imperative. Take it slow and recover properly. I am personally very concerned of late at seeing many women rushing to look a certain way. My body change took time and a lot of time approximately 1 year for first stage but the key was always about improving my health and realigning my body after birth. I have continued the same program for 5 years now and the changes are evident as my body continues to get better with age.

Many will judge and I want to say with strength and love in this second I am my healthiest overall with excellent body mobility and function.  I am rarely sick and I have ridiculous amounts of happy energy to help others seek their best. I do not count calories or worry about food ever. I know what suits the female body and I only exercise 45mins – 1 hour daily. 

My weight on the scales does not matter it is only the feeling and wellness in my body. I have always loved my body for it purpose to get me my goals and whether it be larger or small it had purpose however when I was bigger I was not giving my body it’s best opportunity to thrive. I was truly hindering it daily with fast fuels that only gave me digestive problems and created fatigue. I want you to look at this fact for yourself.

Are you giving your body its best opportunity to thrive?

Take away all visual aspects as this does not matter ONLY if you feel complete and healthy. DO YOU? Look and the mirror right now at yourself and say without flinching – I am giving my body its best opportunity to thrive.  Congratulations if you are!!! But if you are not … you know what to do. Start NOW!

I personally want kids to understand this fact also as it’s not about the look of our bodies as we will all look different. We will NOT all get visible abs and this is good because who cares about a six pack! It’s about how our body functions.  Honestly ask yourself do you have any body function problems? because this is where we need to start. 

With body transformation of the opposite kind being very on trend right now – things like ‘how to get thicker’ and sharing the total truth of our bodies.  I do hope we are looking more at ‘how to love your healthy body’ which is the right and most important thing to teach our children.  It is also important to discuss the fact that your best health for your body encompasses all the physical, digestive, emotional and mental health aspects as we ALL look different for a reason.

I have created a healthy program for busy women to fit it all in this is to also help our children in the process. Food and fitness goes perfectly with family it’s just a matter of knowing the tricks.

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