The b.Body System Four Step Reboot

Let’s clean up our body system in 4 steps for our 2021 health reboot.

Firstly, please do not rush your body.  It’s important we prepare our body to move forward into a new healthy food and fitness routine. This must happen to protect our emotional, mental and physical body as all facets are affected by change. A successful result will only occur by taking slower steps on a daily basis as opposed to ‘cold turkey or that rushing in mindset’. 

Prepare to adapt the body with love and respect. The driving force for health changes should be self respect as opposed to weight loss especially within our families.  As the role model to our children we are in control of their success and especially in them developing their own healthy lifestyle routines. We need to help them see that daily fitness and a positive food relationship is the only real way to maintain proper health. We cannot pay to be healthy, we must actively seek to be healthy. This can only be done by creating a food and fitness lifestyle routine.

The b.Body System Four Step Reboot for you and and your family:

Step 1: Clean the body system to ensure only clean blood is pumping to our muscles.

We begin this by ridding sugars from all foods we consume. We then flush our system with clean fresh water.

Remove sugars from the system. All types from  the body by avoiding any food or drinks with sugar in them from today. This includes fruits. Eat lots of vegetables & whole grains. Flush the system with varying temperatures of water – cold, room temperature and warm water.

Step 2: Complete fitness with supported movements  

We generally feel heavy after our Christmas and New Year break. We have all indulged and that is perfectly ok. But it is time to reboot our system to ensure our ‘working mindset and body’ is clear and can perform the 2021 personal goals toward achievements. 

Returning to our fitness activity in this heavy or lacklustre state can cause injury. It’s imperative we support our body and begin with movements that are aligned. For eg. bike riding, swimming, long fast walks, light weights or by using gym alignment machines. 

I beg of you, do not go into a new fitness class and smash yourself if you have not trained in these past few weeks or months. Our muscles and ligaments are weak, we are heavier and it can cause serious injury. 

Please start slow. Please be mindful to how you feel. 

Please think alignment and respect your body and it’s changes. 

Love yourself first. 

You have plenty of time to get back in shape or hit your 2021 goals. 


Step 3: Set your routine and commit

Firstly, write it down, plan when all fitness sessions will be completed. Share it with the family – include their sessions. Encourage the kids to join into ‘two family fitness’ sessions a week. Write down the snacks menu, make a few new snacks and always share the dinner menu with the family so everyone is working towards body respect and health. I encourage eating together at the dinner table eating the nourishing food you all created. Talk to one another about the health benefits of foods as opposed to health detriments of foods. Make food a positive experience and think and feel how the food responds in the body. 

See easy snack recipes: b. Yogurt Bark or 10 nutritious snacks for big and little kids

Step 4: Embrace a mindset of love and respect to your body and also of others

I encourage the limit of all discussion of body shape. This type of body hate or body despair discussion will only cause more pain and slower the success in all family members. Our mindset is key to our success. We must only look at positives of our body and celebrate with gratitude the small changes with love of effort. Use encouragement of one in all ways around food and fitness.  

b. truth: I personally look at my posture as my gauge. I think of my digestion and how my body has responded to food. I do not weigh myself nor count calories. Do not weigh yourself as it shares no true value of your health – absolutely none. 

*See my b.bodyboost ebook for a complete food and fitness program that the whole family can complete.  


Health and Happiness,


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